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HPHP Nuggets

Free-flowing nuggets in bags that have good resistance to caking.


44.1lb Bag



Product Overview

Eastman™ HPHP is a difunctional ester-glycol used for manufacturing polyester resins for coil, powder, and automotive coatings. Similar to properties of NPG and can act as a modifier to enhance coating film properties. 

Product Specifications

Appearance: White, irregularly shaped crystalline nuggets
Molecular weight: 204.27
Melting point: 45-50°C (114.8-122°F)
Flash point: 161°C (322°F)
Boiling point @ 760 mm Hg: 293°C (495.4°F)
Specific gravity @ 55°C/20°C: 1.01
CAS: 1115-20-4

Features & Benefits

Reduced resin crystallinity
Lower resin Tg
Improved melt flow in powder coatings
Improved coating flexibility
Maintains good weathering of NPG
Reduces aromatic content


Used for automotive primer surfaces and coil coating applications due to its ability to prevent chip resistance and increase exterior durability. 

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