TMPD Platelets

Solid, white irregularly shaped platelets at room temperature. Also available in molten form for easier handling when heated to 115°F.
Product Overview
Eastman TMPD™ platelets is a white, waxy solid used to formulate coatings and unsaturated polyester laminating resins. TMPD™ is ideal for formulating high solids and low VOC coatings.
Product Specifications
Appearance (molten): Clear, clean liquid
Molecular weight: 146.22
Melting point: 46-55°C (114.8-131°F)
Crystallization point: 31°C (88°F)
Flash point: 113°C (235°F)
Boiling point @ 760 mm Hg: 220-235°C (428-455°F)
Specific gravity @ 55°C/15°C: 0.928
CAS: 144-19-4
Features & Benefits
Very stable in waterborne polyester formulations
Excellent chemical, stain, and humidity resistance
Low viscosity and density allowing
excellent solubility in solvents
Outstanding corrosion resistance in fiberglass-reinforced plastic applications
Problems Solved
Unstable Waterborne Polyester Systems
Difficult to Handle High Viscosity Glycol Technologies
Inferior Corrosion Resistance in Fiberglass-Plastics
Used to formulate liquid coatings for metal office furniture, automotive, industrial maintenance, and general metal applications. Other applications include detergent additive, hard surface cleaner, plasticizer intermediate, and synthetic lubricants.