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Synfluid® Polyalphaolefins

Unleash Performance with Synfluid® Polyalphaolefins

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is a world-renowned producer of top-quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) oils known for their exceptional performance properties in lubricant formulations. Engineered with carefully designed molecules, Synfluid® PAO products offer superior thermal stability, oxidation resistance, and more to meet the extreme performance requirements of various applications. With an extensive portfolio of diverse products, Chevron Phillips ensures exceptional reliability, efficiency, and flexibility to meet your formulation needs.

What Is Polyalphaolefin?

Polyalphaolefins (PAOs) are premium-quality synthetic base oils derived from the polymerization of alpha olefins. Formulated for their low volatility and thermal stability, Synfluid® PAO base stocks combine Chevron’s proprietary technology with unique feedstock to ensure reliable, consistent performance across operating conditions. These PAO oils are manufactured using a synthetic chemical process to synthesize oligomers of 1-decene or 1-dodecene, which are then distilled and hydrogenated to meet the desired viscosity ranges for application needs.

What Is Polyalphaolefin Used For?

As a primary component in the formulation of premium synthetic lubricants, greases, and functional fluids, PAOs are a trusted base oil for widespread applications. The superior properties and stability of the PAO molecule and its ability to retain viscosity and lubricity in extreme thermal conditions make these polyalphaolefin oils suitable for aviation lubricants, compressor oils, dielectric fluids, drilling fluids, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and more. From automotive and aviation to gearboxes and hydraulic systems, PAO-based lubricants ensure optimal performance and extend the service life of equipment.


Aviation Lubricants 

With exceptional viscosity retention and lubricity properties across temperatures and pressures, PAOs offer reliable performance and stability in extreme conditions, making them the optimal choice for aviation applications.

Compressor Lubes

PAOs offer premium-quality performance as compressor lubricants, providing superior oxidative, hydrolytic, and thermal stability. Their low volatility ensures enhanced lubrication in demanding compressor environments, reducing the wear and friction of components.

Engine Oils

Polyalphaolefins are recommended for formulating high-performance automotive engine oils, as well as industrial natural gas engine oils. Engineered with a high viscosity index, these PAOs provide maximum protection in hot and cold operating conditions. Their enhanced thermal stability and oxidative resistance also help extend lubricant drain intervals and improve performance and reliability, including in severe cogeneration engine services.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Dissipating heat and reducing the volatility of systems are crucial roles of heat transfer fluids. Synfluid® PAOs exhibit excellent dielectric properties, thermal conductivity, and heat transfer capabilities, making them the superior choice for many electronics, military, and aerospace cooling applications. Additionally, Synfluid® PAOs offer high flash and fire points, ensuring enhanced safety during operation.

Unlike conventional mineral oils, synthetic PAOs offer superior lubricity, reduced friction, low-temperature fluidity, and enhanced wear protection to extend the service life of machining equipment. While traditional oils may thicken or thin out under versatile conditions, these base oils are formulated with exceptional molecular uniformity and purity to provide improved viscosity-temperature characteristics, making them the superior choice in providing reliable performance across wide temperature ranges. PAOs also exhibit excellent oxidative stability and thermal conductivity for broader application opportunities.

Synfluid® Portfolio

Chevron Phillips Chemical Synfluid® PAOs encompass a comprehensive portfolio of polyalphaolefins and metallocene polyalphaolefins tailored to meet specific application needs. This line ranges from high-viscosity PAOs for heavy-duty applications to lower-viscosity formulations for precise machinery.

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