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Tyzor™ 217, zirconium lactate

A water based zirconium chelate with pH around 7 stable in water.


529.1lb Drum



Product Overview

Suitable for crosslinking carbohydrates such as cellulose, starch, guar and other functionalized polymers like polyvinyl alcohol. Tyzor 217 also functions as a surface modifier and adhesion promoter on paper, glass, metal, pigments and other materials with oxidized surfaces.

End Markets: Gas and Oil Refineries
Related Technologies: Flexographic Printing; Gravure Printing; Overprint Varnishes; Water-based Coating


Related Applications:  Aerospace Coatings; Appliances & Machinery Coatings; Architectural Coatings; Automotive Inks; Automotive OEM Coatings; Automotive Refinish; Can Coatings; Coil Coatings; Commercial & Publication; Consumer Paints; Digital Inks; Glass & Ceramics; Graphic Arts Coatings; Industrial Coatings; Marine Coatings; Metal Coatings; Oil Field Drilling Chemicals; Packaging; Pipe Coatings; Roof Coatings; Special Purpose Coatings; Traffic Paint

Features & Benefits

No Voc Content
Low toxicity
Cross-linking agent for dispersions of guar to form high viscosity aqueous gels used in oil well fracturing applications
Cross links pigements and binders in waterborne paints and printing inks
Adhesion promoter in metal, glass, fillers and pigments to increase compatibility and modify physical properties
Modifies surface of paper and sysnthetic nonwovens to increase hardness and decrease hydrophilicity

Product Specifications

Zr Content: 5.4%
Color: Pale Yellow
Solvent: Water
Specific Gravity (25C): 1.2 g/mL
Freezing Point: 0C
Boiling Point: 100C
Flash Point: None
Solubility in Water: Fully Miscible
Chemistry:  Titanates & Zirconates; Titanates & Zirconates
Functions:  Adhesion Promoters; Adhesion Promoters; Cross-linkers; Cross-linkers; Viscosity Modifier

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Tyzor™ Organic Titanates and Zirconates

Tyzor™ titanates and zirconates are catalysts, coupling agents, and adhesion promoters that increase impact strength and chemical resistance, and enhance physical, compounding, and application properties.

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