Tyzor® OGT, octyleneglycol titanate

Tyzor® OGT is an alkoxy titanate that is less sensitive to moisture than other ortho titanates. It is used as a cross linking agent in paints and sealants.
Product Overview
Tyzor® OGT is a 100% active, octyleneglycol titanate liquid. It is used as a reaction catalyst, adhesion promoter, and cross linking agent. When added to paint or sealant formulations, Tyzor® OGT will cross-link polymers with hydroxyl or carboxyl functionality. Tyzor® OGT can also be used to treat glass and metal surfaces to promote adhesion, increase surface hardness, and boost corrosion resistance. As a catalyst, Tyzor® OGT will act as a Lewis acid in esterification, addition, and condensation reactions.
Product Specifications
TiO2 Content: 12.7%
Active Content: 100 %
Color: Colorless to Yellow
Density (20C): 1.03 g/mL
Viscosity (20C): 3500 mPa*s
Pour Point: -55C
Flash Point: 40C
Solubility in Solvents: Miscible in most organic solvents
Solubility in Water: Decomposes
Primary Chemistry: Octyleneglycol Titanate
Features & Benefits
Highly Reactive
Moisture Stable
Cross-links hydroxyl or carboxyl functional polymers
Forms polymeric titanium dioxide films
Promotes adhesion
Problems Solved
Poor cohesive strength of coatings, paints, inks, and sealants.
Adhesive failure to difficult surfaces
Low yield of esterification reactions
Reaction Catalyst; Chemical Manufacturing; Glass Coatings; Metal Coatings; Paints; Sealants; Adhesives