AQUA-LAM™ 444A is a two component, water-based adhesive used in the manufacture of snack food packaging and blister packs for pharmaceuticals.
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Product Overview
AQUA-LAM™ 444A is a water-based polyurethane dispersion that is used as a component in a two part laminating adhesive system. It is recommended to be used with coreactant 7-103 to optimize bond strength and produce laminations with excellent clarity and thermal stability. AQUA-LAM™ 444A is often used for bonding flexible films and paper to create laminates that are used in flexible packaging applications including blister packs for pill packaging. This water-based adhesive system offers high initial bond strength, low nip temperature, and remarkably fast slitting time of 5 minutes post processing. AQUA-LAM™ 444A is the ideal water-based laminating adhesive for quick turnaround of blister packs and snack food packaging.
Product Specifications
Solids: 45%
Mix Ration 100 pbw

Primary Chemistry: Polyurethane copolymer
Features & Benefits
Great clarity
Resistant to moisture
Fast slitting time
Low odor
High shear resistance
Long pot life
Problems Solved
Restrictions on VOC and solvents in regards to adhesives for flexible laminations used in packaging applications
Blister Packs; Flexible Packaging