LAMAL™ SN393C is a single-component, moisture cure, polyester urethane laminating adhesive. It is used in the manufacturing of medical packaging.
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Product Overview
LAMAL™ SN393C is a one component, urethane adhesive. It cures when exposed to moisture to form bonds that are highly resistant to heat and chemicals. LAMAL™ SN393C adheres well and creates bonds between substrates commonly used for packaging including PET, Foil, OPP, Polyethylene, and paper. The good chemical and heat resistance of laminations made using LAMAL™ SN393C make them ideal for use in medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications. LAMAL™ SN393C is recommended to be diluted to 25-30% solids with MEK or ethyl acetate prior to use and applied at a coating weight of 1.75 to 2.25 lbs per ream.
Product Specifications
SN-393C Solids 75% Viscosity 6000 cPs Weight/Gallon 9.0 lb Solvent Ethyl acetate Diluents MEK or urethane grade ethyl acetate Shelf Life 360 days (unopened containers
Primary Chemistry: Polyester Urethane
Features & Benefits
High heat and chemical resistance
Problems Solved
Failure of laminating adhesives in medical packaging during sterilization due to high heat and humidity
Medical Packaging; Pharmaceutical Packaging