UCON™ Solder Assist Fluid 25

Low Viscosity Polyalkylene Glycol-based Fluid for Use in Solder Reflow Fluids, Fluxes, Fusing Fluids, and Other Process Fluids Where High Temperature Stability and Water Solubility are Critical.
Product Overview
UCON™ Solder Assist Fluid 25 (SAF-25) is a low viscosity, water soluble PAG-based fluid for reflow, flux, and fusing fluids in soldering processes. UCON™ Solder Assist Fluid 25 provides good thermal stability & excellent water washability. UCON™ Solder Assist Fluid 25 is suitable as component in solder reflow fluids, fluxes and fusing fluids.
Product Specifications
Viscosity, cSt @ 40°C: 90
Specific Gravity, 20/20°C: 1.151
Pour Point, °C (°F): -34 (-29)
Flash Point, Closed Cup: 182 (360)
Flash Point, Open Cup: 279 (535)
Surface Tension, Dynes/cm: 37.8
Water Solubility, 25°C: Complete
Cloud Point, 1% Aqueous Soln., °C (°F): >99 (>210)
Primary Chemistry: Polyalkylene glycol
Features & Benefits
Good thermal stability
High flash point
Excellent water washability
Low foam tendency
Biodegradable, low toxicity
Low odor
High product clarity
Problems Solved
Film or Deposit Formation on Circuit Board
Inferior Thermal Stability or Breakdown in Flux Fluid
Solder is Used During the Fabrication & Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards.