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UCON™ Hydrolube HP-5046D

ISO 46 diethylene glycol water-glycol hydraulic fluid, containing additives to provide resistance to both liquid- and vapor-phase corrosion.




Product Overview

It is a high-performance, water-glycol hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 46 cSt @ 40 °C

End Markets: Facility Infrastructure; General Industrial; Heavy Industry; Oil & Gas; Transportation


UCON hydrolubes are used in agricultural
equipment, heavy-duty construction equipment, log-carriage systems at lumber mills, steel company hot-slag haulers, and many other applications.
Related Applications:  Hydraulics

Features & Benefits

Relatively low-cost
Contain additives to provide resistance to both liquid- and vaporphase corrosion.
Tested to the Standard 6930 Flammability Classification of Industrial Fluids and carry the distinction as an “FM Approved” product

Product Specifications

Physical state: Liquid.
Color: Red
Odor: Ammoniacal
pH: 8.8- 9.4 ASTM E70
Boiling point (760 mmHg): 106.4 °C ( 223.5 °F)
Vapor Pressure: 14 mmHg at 20 °C (68 °F) ASTM E1719
Relative Vapor Density (air = 1): 1.3 Calculated.
Relative Density (water = 1): 1.090 at 20 °C (68 °F) / 20 °C Calculated.
Water solubility: 100 % Visual
Primary Chemistry: Diethylene glycol
Functions:  Oil

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UCON™ Polyalkylene Glycol Formulated Fluids

UCON™ polyalkylene glycol formulated fluids include calendar lubricants, coatings fluids, hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids, solder assist fluids, defoamers, textile rubber fluids, and food grade lubricants.

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