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UCON™ 220

ISO 320 polypropylene glycol, food grade lubricant used for extreme pressure applications in food production.




Product Overview

A fully-formulated, extreme-pressure synthetic lubricant specifically developed for use in industrial machinery, especially machinery used in the manufacture of aluminum foil for the food industry. It has a viscosity of 285 cSt @ 100 °F

Product Specifications

Weight per gallon, lb: 8.38
Specific gravity, 2020°C: 1.004
Viscosity, cSt at 100°F: 285
Viscosity index: 206
Pour point: -33°C
Flash point, ASTM D 93, 207°C
Coefficient of expansion at 55°C: 0.0081
Primary Chemistry: Polypropylene glycol

Features & Benefits

Low strain characteristics
Free unwinding
Universal lubricant
Can be blended with the coolant or rolling fluid to product a hydraulic fluid that meets the viscosity requirements of the manufacture of the hydraulic system.


Aluminum rolling

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