Calcium Stearate FN Powder

A fused stearate derived from hydrogenated fatty acids. Used as a catalyst neutralizer in polypropylenes.
Product Overview
Calcium stearate is a carboxylate which is formed from stearic acid and calcium oxide. Its primary uses are as flow agents, stabilizers, thickeners, and surface conditioners.
Product Specifications
Total Ash:
9.30 – 11.50
Fineness, % Thru 325 Mesh: 85.00 – 100.00
Free Fatty Acids:
0.00 – 1.00
Water %:
0.00 – 3.50
Appearance: White Powder
Primary Chemistry: Calcium Stearate
Features & Benefits
Catalyst neutralizer
Lubrication in polypropylene's
Anti-static agent and acid scavenger in PVC
Problems Solved
Wide particle size distribution of commercially available calcium stearates
Flow issues and excess catalysts in the manufacturing of PVC, PP, and polyolefins
Availability of fused calcium stearates
Static charge formation and excess acids in the manufacturing of PVC products
Calcium Stearate FN Powder is a wide variety of applications ranging from waterproofing/ water repelling fabric, stops caking in dehydrated vegetables, as well as a stabilizer in PVC production.