Lithium Stearate PM

A distilled salt from fatty acids specifically used in grease and great for binding materials together.
Product Overview
Lithium Stearate is the salt distilled from fatty acids of animal or vegetable sources.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White powder
Melting Point: >200 °C
Molar Mass: 306.42 g/mol
Insoluble in H20
Primary Chemistry: Lithium Stearate
Features & Benefits
Safe with food processing
Meet synthetic lubricant-based grease requirements
Can be in paper components touching food
Problems Solved
Binding issues in cosmetics and high viscosity formulations
Safety of lithium stearates for use in food processing applications
Lubrication and molding issues in metal powder molding applications
Used as a lubricant in industrial applications such as motor vehicles, aircraft, heavy machinery, etc.