Lubrazinc® W, Powder

Lubrazinc® W is a general use grade, metal powder lubricant. Most cost effective grade.
Product Overview
The zinc salt distilled from hydrogenated fatty acids. Usually found in paints, lacquers and industrial coatings.
Product Specifications

Appearance: White powder
Melting Point: 120 °C
Boiling Point: 160 °C
Insoluble in H2O

Primary Chemistry: Zinc Stearate
Features & Benefits
A good lubricant to use in polyethylene and other polymers. Also used as dust-on anti blocks for sticky rubbers or plastics.
Problems Solved
High cost of commercially available process lubricants
Dusting and handling issues of powder form ant-block and zinc stearate products
Stickiness and undesired bonding in the manufacturing of plastics and rubbers
In adhesives
Can be in contact with aqueous and fatty foods when a component of paper
Use as lubricant
Good for rubber articles