Sodium Stearate T-1 GE

Sodium Stearate is a sodium salt of distilled hydrogenated fatty acids.
Product Overview
Vulcanized promotor, generally used in polymers however specifically seen in room deodorants.
Product Specifications
Moisture: 3.0%
Free fatty acid: 0.2-1.5%
Fineness, % thru 100 mesh: 85
Softening point: 205 °C (typical)
Primary Chemistry: Hydrogenated fatty acids
Features & Benefits
Soluble in water, methanol, and ethanol
High softening point
Excellent resistance to hear discoloration
Problems Solved
Low softening points of traditional lubricants for use in plastic processing applications
Poor lubrication or incompatibility with the production of polypropylenes, polystyrenes, polyamides, and polycarbonates
Discoloration and low vulcanization in latex and rubbers
Sodium Stearate T-1 is applicable for high impact polystyrene and polypropylene in meeting processing requirements. Can also be used as a dispersant and wetting agent in paper and paperboard processing. In latex paints, it can be sued as a dispersant and emulsifier.