Lithium Stearate 304

Designed to satisfy hydrocarbon and synthetic lubricant-based greases.
Product Overview
The lithium salt of distilled, hydrogenated fatty acids from animals or vegetables.
Product Specifications
Alkalinity %: 0.00-0.15
Fineness- Thru 200 Mesh %: 99.00-100.00
Fineness- Thru 40 Mesh %: 100.00-100.01
Lithium Content %: 2.40-2.60 WAP24A
Water %: 0.00-2.00
Primary Chemistry: Lithium Stearate
Features & Benefits
Polymeric coatings
Zinc-silicone dioxide coatings
Sealing gaskets for food containers
Safe in articles that are in contact with food

Problems Solved
Inadequate lubrication and thermal stability in grease formulations
Compatibility of additives for use in hydrocarbon and synthetic lubricants
Poor binding and separations in personal care and cosmetic products
Can be used as a strong binder in certain makeup such as eye shadow, blushes, and other cosmetics. This can also be used as a lubricant in high temperatures.