Curing agent and high temperature accelerator widely used in molded and steam-cured natural rubber and pure gum compounds.
Product Overview
HEPTEEN™ Base is a fast curing agent and high temperature accelerator with a long curing range. It yields high modulus compounds while maintaining excellent processing safety. HEPTEEN™ Base is relatively non-staining but will discolor lightly pigmented, white or light colored compounds.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Free flowing, dark reddish-brown clear liquid
Specific Gravity: 0.93
Soluble: Acetone, benzene, ethylene dichloride, gasoline, n-hexane
Insoluble: Water
Primary Chemistry: Heptaldehyde - Aniline Reaction Product
Features & Benefits
Relatively non-staining
Fast curing
High temperature accelerator
Yields high modulus compounds
Will discolor lightly pigmented, white, or light colored compounds
Food contact approvals
Problems Solved
Rubber and elastomers curing difficulties and high reject in high-temperature systems
Slow curing or acceleration issues of elastomeric polymers
Limited control on the compounding yield and high level of rejects
Molded and steam-cured natural rubber, and pure gum compounds