Solid amine antioxidant that offers excellent protection with minimal discoloration, to be used with sulfur-cure systems in EPDM, nitrile, and neoprene rubbers.
Product Overview
OCTAMINE™ Drop is an octylated diphenylamine primary antioxidant, offering excellent protection against degradation as a result of flexing and exposure to heat and oxygen. Designed to be used with sulfur-cure systems, OCTAMINE™ Drop is non-blooming both before and after cure, and causes minimal discoloration.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Light brown pastille
Specific Gravity: 0.99
Melting Point: 82-98 °C
Soluble: Acetone, gasoline, toluene
Insoluble: Water
Primary Chemistry: Octylated Diphenylamine
Features & Benefits
Neglible effect on cure rate
Improves protection from bin sorch in neoprene
Non-blooming before and after cure
Excellent protection from degradation as a result of oxygen, heat, and flexing
Very slight discoloring
Very slight staining
Food contact approvals
Problems Solved
Cracking and degradation of rubbers and elastomers caused by flexing or exposure to oxygen and high temperatures
Compatibility of traditional rubber antioxidants with sulfur curing systems
Tire carcass, molded heels and soles, proofing, sponges, automotive rubber, wire jackets, insulation and floor tile