Antiozonant similar to SUNPROOF™ EXTRA with a lower melting point that prevents static ozone cracking under a wide range of weather conditions.
Product Overview
SUNPROOF™ EXTRA is a blend of hydrocarbon waxes that provides immediate and long term static ozone cracking protection for a wide range of weather conditions. SUNPROOF™ EXTRA synergizes with FLEXZONE™ to provide superior static protection with minimal impact to dynamic protection.
Product Specifications
Appearance: White pastille
Specific Gravity @ 25 °C: 0.92
Melting Point: 61-66 °C
Soluble: Benzene, n-hexane, gasoline
Slightly Soluble: Ethylene dichloride
Insoluble: Acetone, water
Primary Chemistry: Hydrocarbon Wax Blend
Features & Benefits
Static antiozone cracking protection
Food contact approvals
Problems Solved
Cracking in rubber and elastomer compounds caused by exposure to ozone
Discoloration or staining issues caused by antiozonants in rubber formulation
Tire compounds, especially in white and black sidewall stocks; natural rubber, SBR, and butadiene rubber blends