High temperature rubber accelerator and latex foam stabilizer. It prevents compounds from sagging in the early stages of air curing.
Product Overview
TRIMENE™ BASE curing agent is a high temperature rubber accelerator with a medium to long curing range. When used as a latex foam stabilizer, it prevents foam collapse by causing gelling to occur at a higher pH.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Dark brown to black liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.10
Soluble: Acetone, water
Slightly Soluble: n-Hexane
Insoluble: Benzene, ethylene dichloride, gasoline
Primary Chemistry: Reaction Product of Ethyl Chloride, Formaldehyde, and Ammonia
Features & Benefits
Relatively non-staining
Can be used in all color applications but purest white and light pastels
Causes gelling to occur at a higher pH
Prevents sagging of compounds in the early stages of air curing
Problems Solved
Sagging of latex and rubber compounds in air curing systems
Stability of rubber accelerators in high-temperature systems
Foam collapse issues caused by gelling in rubber and elastomeric applications
Film toughener in natural SBR and chloroprene cellular rubber; polyacrylic rubbers, air-cured footwear, dipped goods, molded sundries and natural rubber latex tire cord dip