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Activator for blowing agents and accelerators that lowers the decomposition temperature of AZ type blowing agents.


55.115lb Box



Product Overview

BIK™ OT is a surface treated urea used as an activator for thiazole, thiuram and dithiocarbamate accelerators. It is an efffective promoter for Celogen AZ type blowing agents in SBR, butyl, EPDM, and neoprene and natural rubbers.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Fine white powder
Specific Gravity: 1.31
Melting Point: 129-134 °C
Soluble: Water (except for surface coating)
Insoluble: Benzene, gasoline
Primary Chemistry: Surface Treated Urea

Features & Benefits

Reduces odor when used with nitrosamine-type blowing agents
Promoter for AZ-type blowing agents in NR, SBR, IR, EPDM and CR rubbers
Lowers the decomposition temperature of AZ-type blowing agents in cellular products
Activator for thiuram, thiazole, and dithiocarbamate accelerators
Relatively nonstaining
Relatively nondiscoloring

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