Afton HiTEC® 3488

Revolutionary New Technology

Traditionally, the only way to formulate both step-type and continuously variable transmission fluids required separate additives to achieve specification level performance. Not anymore.  Afton’s new technology, the HiTEC® 3488 allows for premium-tier formulations for both CVT and ATF fluids.

By eliminating the need for multiple additives, you can:

  • Optimize supply chain

  • Reduce operational & inventory costs

  • Eliminate concerns on misapplication or blending errors

  • Increase warehouse & storage space

When formulated properly using a group III base oil & the HiTEC® 3488 the transmission fluid will provide:

  • Excellent torque capacity & anti-shudder performance 

  • Longer transmission life

  • Enhanced driving comfort

  • Higher safety factor


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