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Lupasol® FG

Multi-functional cationic polyethylenimine with a branched polymer structure.


264.55lb Drum



Product Overview

Lupasol® FG is a clear, colorless cationic polyethylenimine with a branched polymer structure.

Product Specifications

Average molar mass:  800
Viscosity @ 20°C: 5000
Concentration: 99%
Primary Chemistry: polyethylenimine


Adhesives, complexing, coatings and paints, pigment manufacture, and protein immobilization.

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Lupasol® Polyethylenimine Adhesion Promoters

Lupasol® polyethylenimine adhesion promoters are the highest charge density cationic polymers available. They offer numerous solutions for adhesion between similar and dissimilar materials, tackification, dispersement of fillers and pigments, enhanced wetting characteristics, and low VOCs.

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