Clean Front® Concentrate Iodophor

Clean Front® Concentrate Iodophor is a manufacturing-use-only product from Delaval for formulating EPA-registered iodine-based sanitizers and disinfectants.
Product Overview

Clean Front® Concentrate Iodophor is a blend of iodine and non-ionic surfactants from Delaval. Clean Front® Concentrate Iodophor is used for manufacturing purposes only and has been formulated to provide superior physical and chemical stability in blended finished products.

Product Specifications

Appearance: Darl brown viscous liquid

Specific gravity: 1.37 at 60° F

Pounds per gallon: 11.41

Viscosity: 650 cps at 25° C

pH: < 1

Primary Chemistry: Titratable Iodine
Features & Benefits

EPA registered for the manufacture of products under EPA 4959-15; 4959-16; 4959-34

Very stable iodine content, and a very low viscosity

Easy to use in formulations

Problems Solved
Limited iodine stability in highly concentrated products
Iodophor formulation for sub-registration

EPA registered iodine disinfectants and sanitizers for use in dairy, food, and beverage facilities.