Lo-Foam® Concentrate

Lo-Foam® Concentrate is for manufacturing use only to manufacture EPA registered hard surface sanitizers for the food and beverage industries. Lo-Foam® Concentrate, when in final formulation, provides a low-foaming sanitizer that is highly versatile.
Product Overview
Lo-Foam® Concentrate is an EPA registered low-foaming iodophor raw material for manufacturing of end products.

Lo-Foam® Concentrate is only for formulation into environmental sanitation products for specific end uses. These uses are: no-rinse sanitizers, disinfectants, and uses for which US EPA has accepted the required data and/or citations of data that the formulator has submitted in support of registration.

LFI Sanitizer EPA registration # 4959-14 (EPA Est. no 4959-IL-1 (C), 4959-TX-1 (D), 4959-CA-1(T)). Request the product EPA label for more details and directions of use.
Product Specifications
Physical state: Liquid
Appearance: Dark Brown
Water solubility: Soluble
Specific Gravity: 1.24
Primary Chemistry: Iodine
Features & Benefits
For manufacturing use only, add rates are dependent on final manufactured product.

EPA approved sanitizer
Organic soil tolerance
Effectiveness over a wide range of bacterial, viral, and other micro-organic contaminants
Problems Solved
EPA registration for food contact hard surface sanitizers
Handling and warehousing cost of diluted sanitizers
Limited tolerance for organic soils
EPA approved formulations for sub-registration
Equipment sanitization
Tank sanitization
Vat sanitizer
Sanitization of walls
Sanitization of floors
Sanitization of conveyors
Sanitization of processing equipment
Sanitization of food contact surfaces
Sanitization of beverage containers
Sanitization of food-canning containers