LAMAL™ HSA is a polyether urethane that is used in a two component laminating adhesive system for the manufacture of flexible packaging.
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Product Overview
LAMAL™ HSA is a solution based polyurethane in ethanol. It is used in combination with an isocyanate coreactant like LAMAL™ C as a two component urethane adhesive. LAMAL™ HSA is ideally suited for laminating films commonly used in flexible packaging. It provides good adhesion to and bonding of many common packaging materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, paper, cellophane, and PVC. LAMAL™ HSA exhibits good humidity resistance for a polyurethane adhesive and is used in laminations for flexible packaging that are subjected to heat and moisture.
Product Specifications
Application Method: Gravure
Coreactant: LAMAL C
Coating Weight: 1.2-1.7 lbs/ream
Carrier: Ethanol
Chemistry: Polyether Urethane
Color: Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid
Density: 8.15 lbs/gallon
Mix Ratio: 100:12.5 with Lamal C
Recommended Diluent: iso-Propanol, Denatured Ethanol
Drying Web Temperature: 150-180 °F
Shelf Life: 365 days
Applied Solids: 20-30 %
Supplied Solids: 70%
Solvent: Ethanol
Thinner: iso-Propanol, Denatured Alcohol
Cure Time: 5 days @ Room Temperature
Mixed Viscosity: 9,500 cPs
Nip Temperature: 120-150 °F
Nominal Application Temperature: Room Temperature
Post Process: Time12-24 hours @ 70 °F for slitting/rewinding
Pot Life> 8 hours
Substrates: PE, PP, Coex lms, PET, PVDC-coated substrates, Paper, Nylon, Cellophane, PVC
Viscosity: 9,500 cPs

Primary Chemistry: Polyether Urethane
Features & Benefits
Good Clarity
Low Nip Temperature
Low Odor
Not affected by ink alcohols
Problems Solved
Adhesion failure in film laminations caused by exposure to alcohols in ink, heat, and moisture
Damage to heat sensitive films due to high nip temperatures required for laminations
Flexible Packaging; Cosmetic Packaging; Snack Food Packaging