MOR-AD™ M-119

MOR-AD M-119 is a paper splicing adhesive that allows for more efficient splicing than pressure sensitive tapes used in printing operations.
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Product Overview
MOR-AD M-119 is a highly tacky, solvent based adhesive that is used for paper splicing in printing operations. The adhesive is applied in a 3 inch strip to the leading edge of the paper roll to be spliced. Once cured the adhesive provides the tack and adhesion strength necessary for stationary or flying splice. MOR-AD M-119 makes paper splicing much more efficient by eliminating the need for manual operations like application of pressure sensitive tapes. MOR-AD M-119 is also useful in rewinding applications to splice paper to a new core. To do this simply coat the new core with a thin film of MOR-AD M-119 by holding and adhesive dipped brush against the core and moving it back and forth as the core spins.
Product Specifications
Carrier: Heptane
Chemistry: Synthetic Rubber
Color: Red
Density: 6.6 lbs/gallon
Recommended Diluent: Heptane
Key Performance Benefits: High Tack
Shelf Life: 360 days
Applied Solids: 39-45 %
Supplied Solids: 39-45%
Solvent: Heptane
Thinner: Heptane
Nominal Application Temperature: Room Temperature
Substrates: Fiber Cores
Viscosity: 8,700 cPs
Primary Chemistry: Synthetic Rubber
Features & Benefits
High tack for stationary or flying splice applications.
Problems Solved
High cost of paper to paper splicing caused by the time and labor needed for these operations
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