MOR-AD™ M-800

MOR-AD M-800 is an epoxy polypropylene heat seal coating that is used to laminate polypropylene and polypropylene copolymers to metal, glass and wood.
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Product Overview
MOR-AD M-800 is a heat seal coating that is applied to polypropylene films and subsequently sealed to metal, glass, and wood substrates. It is ideal for manufacturing laminates that are used in automotive manufacturing, architectural applications, and building & construction. MOR-AD M-800 offers high bond strengths and offers the same performance properties associated with polypropylene such as heat and chemical resistance.
Product Specifications
Application Method: Reverse roll
Coating Weight: .8-2 ppr
Carrier: Isopar M
Chemistry: poly-Propylene Dispersion
Color: Hazey, light yellow liquid
Density: 7.8 lbs/gallon
Recommended Diluent: Isopar M or equivalent
Drying Web Temperature: 380-425 °F
Shelf Life: 360 days
Applied Solids: 20-25 %
Supplied Solids: 30 %
Solvent: Isopar M
Thinner: Isopar M
Nominal Application Temperature: Room Temperature
Substrates: metal, glass , wood
Viscosity: 250 +/- 75 cps, Spindle #1 20 rpm 75 F
Primary Chemistry: Epoxy Polypropylene Dispersion
Features & Benefits
High bond strength
Excellent chemical resistance
Problems Solved
Difficult adhesion to polypropylene surfaces
Industrial Laminations; Automotive Components; Building & Construction