MOR-AD™ M-805

MOR-AD™ M-805 is a polypropylene heat seal coating that is used for adhering metal foils like aluminum and copper to themselves or to polypropylene.
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Product Overview
MOR-AD™ M-805 heat seal coating is a polypropylene dispersion that is used to produce highly durable metal to metal laminates. MOR-AD™ M-805 can also be used to seal metals like steel, aluminum, and copper to polypropylene. The high bond strengths and durability of MOR-AD™ M-805 heat seal adhesive make it ideal for producing laminates that are used in industrial and architectural applications. MOR-AD™ also carries approvals for many FDA regulations related adhesives used in flexible packaging applications.
Product Specifications
Application Method: Gravure|Reverse roll
Coating Weight: 0.8-2.0 lbs/ream
Carrier: Isopar M
Chemistry: Polypropylene Dispersion
Color: Water White
Density: 6.7 lbs/gallon
Recommended Diluent: Isopar M or equivalent
Drying Web Temperature: 380-425 °F
Shelf Life: 360 days
Applied Solids: 13-15 %
Supplied Solids:15 %
Solvent: Isopar M
Apply To Substrate: Foil, Steel, Copper
Seal To Substrate: Polypropylene
Thinner: Isopar M
Nominal Application Temperature: Room Temperature
Viscosity: 50-450 cPs @ 25 °C
Primary Chemistry: Polypropylene Dispersion
Features & Benefits
High heat resistance
Moisture resistance
High bond strength
Problems Solved
Difficulty adhering metal to metal due to low surface energy
Industrial Laminations, Building Materials; Flexible Packaging