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Methocel A15C is a methylcellulose thickener. It performs many functions simultaneously including thickening, binding, water retention and film forming. The A15C grade has a viscosity range from 1,200 to 1,800 cP.


50lb Bag



Product Overview

Methocel A15C is a water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose. Methocel is a high purity, non-ionic cellulose ether, and performs as a rheology modifier and functions as a suspending aid, stabilizer, surfactants, lubricants, protective colloids, and emulsifiers.

Related Technologies: Acrylic Adhesives; Pressure Sensitive Adhesives; Resealable Adhesives; UV Curable adhesives; Water-based Coating


Related Applications:  Aerosol Coatings; Aerospace; Aerospace Coatings; Appliances & Machinery Coatings; Architectural; Architectural Coatings; Automotive; Automotive OEM Coatings; Automotive Refinish; Basecoats; Brick Coatings; Can Coatings; Ceramic Coatings; Ceramics; Coil Coatings; Concrete Coatings; Conformal Coatings; Consumer Paints; Corrogated Boxes; Electrodeposited Coatings; Electronics Coatings; Floor Coatings; Furniture Coatings; Glues; Heat Seal Coatings; Industrial; Industrial Coatings; Machinery & Appliances; Marine Coatings; Medical Devices; Metal Coatings; Overprint Varnishes; Packaging; Paint Thinner; Paper & Consumables; Pipe Coatings; Primers; Release Coatings; Roof Coatings; Sealants; Special Purpose Coatings; Stone and Tile Coatings; Tapes; Terra Cotta Coatings; Textile & Leather Coatings; Textiles; Topcoats; Traffic Paint; Truckbed Liners; Wax and Polishes; Wood Coatings; Wood Glues

Features & Benefits

Forms a firm gel texture
Reversible hot water gelation

Product Specifications

Sodium Chloride: max 1.5%
Viscosity, 2% in water, @20°C, calculated: 1200 - 1800 cP
Primary Chemistry: Methylcellulose
Chemistry:  Cellulose Ethers; Cellulose Ethers
Functions:  Binders; Binders; Rheology Modifiers; Rheology Modifiers; Surfactants; Thickeners; Thickeners

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METHOCEL™ Water-Soluble Cellulose Ethers

METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose. They are used as thickeners, binders, film-formers and water-retention agents for a broad range of products.  They also function as suspension aids, protective colloids and emulsifiers.

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