AQ™ 38S Polymer

AQ™ 38S is a water dispersible sulfopolyester polymer that is used as a film former and fixative in skin care, primer, coating, and ink applications.
Product Overview
AQ™ 38S is a sulfopolyester polymer that can be easily dispersed in water without the use of emulsifying agents, surfactants, or co-solvents. AQ™ 38S has a Tg of 38°C and forms films that are highly flexible. Unlike other water soluble polymers like PVP and PVOH, AQ™ 38S forms small negatively charged aggregates when dispersed in water that are much smaller than particles in typical emulsions. This allows for dispersion to be made without the need for surfactants or dispersants and rapid film formation.
Product Specifications
Form: Pellets
Color: Pale amber
Glass transition temperature (Tg): 35-38°C
dry polymer
Inherent viscosity: 0.32-0.40 dL/g
Melt viscosity @200°C: 9700 poise
Acid number: <2 mg KOH/g
Hydroxyl number: <10 mg KOH/g
Bulk density: 6.5 lb/gal

Primary Chemistry: Sulfopolyester
Features & Benefits
Easily dispersed in water
Forms flexible films
Adheres well to skin
Aids emulsification of organic ingredients
Quick drying
Adheres well to common packaging films
Water/humidity resistant
Neutralizing amine not needed
Provides soft and smooth feel
Problems Solved
Poor water resistance of sunscreen and lotions
Adhesion failure to flexible surfaces
Difficult dispersion of polymers in water
AQ™ 38S, also known as Polyester-5, is an ideal film former for creams, lotions, sunscreens and other skin care applications.

AQ™ 38S is used as a film former for coatings, inks, primers, and overprints.

In ink applications AQ™ 38S is used as a binder that allows for excellent ink adhesion and rapid curing.