Eastek™ 1200 Polymer Dispersion

Eastek™ 1200 is an aqueous dispersion of a polyester polymer. It used as a binder and film former in coatings, primers, printing inks, and overprint.
Product Overview
Eastek™ 1200 is a 30% solids, water-based dispersion of AQ™ 65S, a film forming sulfopolyester resin with a glass transition temperature of 65°C. Eastek™ 1200 is well suited for use as a film former and binding resin. The small particle size of Eastek™ 1200 allows for rapid drying and the formation of clear thermoplastic films with a high level of gloss . Films formed with Eastek™ 1200 have a low coefficient of friction, are alcohol resistant, and are non-blocking.
Product Specifications
Type: Sulfopolyester
n-Propyl alcohol: 2 wt %
Viscosity, Brookfield: 100 cP
Solids: 30 wt %
Glass transition temperature (Tg): 63°C
MFFT: 27°C
Freeze-thaw stable: No
Primary Chemistry: Sulfopolyester
Features & Benefits
Fast-drying means higher running speeds for printing and roll coating operations
Improved rub resistance
Improved cross-linking with UV overprint varnishes
Excellent film formation
Amine free
Water and alcohol resistant films
Problems Solved
Yellowing of wood coatings
Slow drying coatings and inks
Difficult dispersion of AQ™ 65S

Coatings and inks formulated with Eastek™ 1200 have decreased drying times, excellent gloss, good alcohol resistance, and a low coefficient of friction. The reduced drying time provided by Eastek™ 1200 allows for improved efficiency through faster run speeds during printing and coating operations.

Films formed with Eastek™ 1200 are non-tacky and will not block. This makes them useful in heat seal coatings for packaging applications. Films of Eastek™ 1200 can be formed on films and foils and wound to then be heat sealed to other films and foils at a later time.

Eastek™ 1200 also is a useful primer for wood coatings, The polymer penetrates well into porous surfaces and the dispersion is free from amines which cause wood to yellow.