Eastek™ 1400 Polymer Dispersion

Eastek™ 1400 is an aqueous dispersion of a sulfopolyester polymer with a low Tg . It is used to form flexible films in coatings and inks for packaging.
Product Overview
Eastek™ 1400 is a water-based dispersion of a sulfopolyester resin with a Tg of 29°C. The dispersion consists of small negatively charged agglomerations that remain suspended in water without the need for dispersants or surfactants. Due to the small particle size of Eastek™ 1400 rapidly forms clear and glossy films. Films formed by Eastek™ 1400 exhibit superior adhesion to packaging materials including PET films, paper, metalized films, SBS boards, and aluminum surfaces.
Product Specifications
Type: Polyester
Form: Straw liquid color
Odor: Very low
VOC content: <0.5 % max
Viscosity, Brookfield @18°C: 15cP
Viscosity, Gardco #2 EZ cup @ 25°C: 17 sec
pH: 6
Density @ 20C: 1.08 g/mL (9 lb/gal)
Glass transition temperature (Tg): 29°C
MFFT: <5°C
Storage stability: Good
Propanol %: 0
Solids: 30 wt %
Primary Chemistry: sulfopolyester polymer
Features & Benefits
Fast-drying rates
Outstanding adhesion to PET film (treated or untreated), paper, SBS board, aluminum, and metalized papers/films.
Amine, surfactant, and co-solvent free
Low odor
Good storage stability
Problems Solved
Poor adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives to flexible films used for packaging
Poor storage stability of water based emulsions
Slow cure time of water based inks, coatings, and adhesives
The adhesion properties and rapid drying times make Eastek™ 1400 the ideal binder and film forming resin for inks and coatings used in flexible packaging applications.

Films formed with Eastek™ 1400 are highly flexible and have been used in textile coatings.
These coatings work to improve ink receptivity of textiles.

Eastek™ 1400 is has a good amount of tack.
This tack is useful when Eastek™ 1400 is used to formulate adhesives for tape and film lamination.