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AQ™ 1950 Polymer

Medium molecular weight branched sulfopolyester with a viscosity of 75-135,000 cP, dispersible in water up to 30% without the use of surfactants.


25lb Carton



Product Overview

Eastman AQ™ copolyester 1950 is a semi-solid with a characteristic fruity odor completely dispersible is water at levels up to 30% without the use of any surfactants or additives. This grade can be used in repulpable, aqueous or hot-melt adhesive type applications.

Related Technologies: Hot Melt Adhesives; Water Based Adhesives


Hot melt adhesives
Related Applications:  Medical Devices; Packaging; Paper & Consumables; Tapes

Features & Benefits

100% water dispersible
Adhesion to polyolefin substrates
Repulpable in both neutral and alkaline conditions

Product Specifications

Odor: Fruity
Viscosity @177°C: 75,000-135,000 cP
Ring and ball softening point: 115°C
Glass transition temperature (Tg): 2.5°C ± 7.5°C
Hydroxyl number: 57 mg KOH/g
Form: Solid
Color: 4 max
Chemistry:  Sulfopolyesters
Functions:  Adhesion Promoters

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Eastman AQ™ Polyesters

Eastman AQ™ polymers are low-color, thermally stable polyesters that disperse in water without added treatment. They can be applied as hot melt adhesives which can be dispersed in water or can be initially dispersed in water and applied as a re-dissolvable waterborne adhesive.

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