Eastman MTBHQ Dry

Secondary inhibitor (co-inhibitor) and antioxidant for nonfood fats and oils.
Product Overview
Eastman™ MTBHQ (mono t-butyl hydroquinone) is commonly used as a polymerization inhibitor and antioxidant in many industrial applications. Effective in higher temperatures due to its higher solubility and potency compared to unsubstituted hydroquinone.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Light tan solid
Flash point: 171°C (340°F)
Boiling point: 295°C (563°F)
Melting point: 125°C (257°F)
Specific gravity 20°C/20°C: 1.05
Molecular weight: 166.22
CAS: 1948-33-0
Features & Benefits
Very effective polymerization inhibitor
Good performing antioxidant in unstable organic liquids
Excellent performance as a heat and stabilizer for pressure-sensitiveness adhesives
Problems Solved
Inefficient Polymerization Inhibition
Inferior Antioxidant Technologies in Nonfood Organics
Ineffective Storage Stability for Unsaturated Polyesters
Used as a polymerization inhibitor and industrial antioxidant in many applications.