A thin-film fungicide and algaecide based on carbendazim, diuron and octylisothiazolinone chemistries. 
Product Overview
Industrial microbicides are a collection of in-can and thin film preservatives that are appropriate for a multitude of product applications.
Product Specifications
Physical state: paste

Color: White to gray

Odor: Mild odor

pH: 8.1
Vapor Pressure: 17.50 mmHg
at 20°C
Relative Density (water = 1): 1.1

Primary Chemistry: 2-n octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (OIT), methylbenzimidazole-2-yl carbamate (IPBC) and N’-(3, 4 dichlorophenyl)-N-N-dimethylurea (Diuron)
Features & Benefits
Flowable / pumpable
Cost effective
Low VOC formulation
Problems Solved
Fungal and mold growth on exterior coatings
Limited protection of single and dual active dry-film preservations
Performance gaps against fungi, algae and mold species
Biocides contribution to VOC levels in paints and coatings
Paints & Coatings