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Krytox™ General Purpose Lubrication

Premium - Long Lasting Lubrication

Krytox™ Greases and Oils are known for their exceptionally long-lasting, premium performance.  These PFPE (perfluoropolyether) based lubricant solutions can deliver unrivaled thermal stability in a broad array of applications.  This article breaks down the different performance properties of the Krytox™ GPL series of oils & greases.

Krytox™ GPL Oils

These clear, colorless oils are based on a perfluoropolyether (PFPE) chemistry, also referred to as perfluoroalkylether (PFAE) or perfluoropolyalkylether (PFPAE).  These oils exhibit exceptional thermal stability and are completely inflammable and non-reactive - making them the ideal lubricant solution for harsh & difficult environments where traditional oils will burn & fail. 

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Krytox™ GPL 200 Series Greases

The Krytox™ GPL200 Series of greases are engineered with PFPE base oil & PTFE thickener.  These performance greases provide a white, buttery consistency that provide the same performance properties as the GPL100 base oil they are manufactured with in a thicker form and superior stay-in-place application. 

Krytox™ GPL 210 Series - Extreme Pressure Greases

The Krytox™ GPL 210 series are black PFPE greases that contain solid molybdenum disulfide for added extreme pressure capability. These performance greases provide similar thermal performance as the GPL100 oils they are manufactured with, but are suitable for applications with highly loaded gears and bearings.

Krytox™ GPL 220 Series - Anti-Corrosion Greases

The Krytox™ GPL220 Series of PFPE greases are manufactured with added sodium nitrite for exceptional anti-corrosion & antiwear protection.  These lubricants are suitable for environments where high water content, fluctuating temperatures and frequent rust formation are present. 

Why Use a Krytox™ GPL Lubricant?

The Krytox™ line of general purpose grease and oil solutions can deliver exceptionally long lasting performance when compared to conventional lubricant technology.  These highly engineered lubricant products from Chemours deliver stability under extremely high temperatures as all the Krytox™ products are non-flammable.  The Krytox™ lubricant portfolio is also completely non-reactive or chemically inert - meaning in the presence of a reactive chemical environment like chlorine or pure oxygen Krytox™ will not form by-products or affect the other chemicals present.  In some cases the Krytox™ lubricant can provide such long-term lubrication the equipment can be sealed-for-life and not require any additional relubrication, saving money on replacement grease or maintenance on damaged components.   

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