Krytox™ GPL201 Grease

NLGI Grade 2, PFPE-Based Grease with PTFE Thickener for General Purpose Lubrication (-94°F to 220°F). Base Oil Viscosity 7.8cSt @40°C
Product Overview

Krytox™ GPL 201 Grease is high performance grease utilizing PFPE oil and thickened with PTFE powder. Commonly used in the automotive and industrial market, typical applications for this grease include, but are not limited to, bearings, valves, gears, seals, and O-rings. Krytox™ GPL 201 is non-reactive and can be used safely when components come in contact with virtually all chemicals.

With a base oil viscosity of 7.8 cSt @40°C, this grease is suitable to use in applications up to 104°C. Functionality at lower temperatures is improved due to a lower molecular weight of the base PFPE oil.

The Krytox™ GPL line by Chemours also includes an oil version of this grease, GPL 101, which is formulated without the thickener additive for a more fluid viscosity.

Product Specifications

ISO Grade: 7
Estimated Useful Range: -70°C to 104°C
Oil Viscosity @40°C: 7.8
Oil Pour Point: -70°C
Oil Density, g/ml @0°C: 1.89
Maximum Oil Volatility, % in 22 hr @121°C: 75
Oil Separation, wt loss, % in 30 hr @99°C: 9%
Food Grade Compatible (H1): No
NLGI Grade: 2
Additives: None

Primary Chemistry: PFPE
Features & Benefits
Non-Flammable Performance
Chemically Inert / Non-Reactive
Oxygen Safe
Significantly Extend Operating Life
White, Buttery Grease
Problems Solved
Flammable or Dangerous Lubricant Technologies
Extremely Reactive Greases
Excessive Lubricant Consumption

Chemours Krytox™ GPL 201 can be used in a wide range of GPL (general-purpose lubrication)  applications where non-flammable, non-reactive & exceptionally long lasting performance is required.