Krytox™ EG 3000 Grease

NLGI Grade 2 PFPE Grease with PTFE thickener for Electronics and Clean Room Manufacturing Where High Purity is Critical. Base Oil Viscosity (500 cSt @ 38°C)
Product Overview

Krytox™ EG 3000 is a specialty synthetic PFPE (Perfluoropolyether) based lubricant with a PTFE thickener system for sensitive or complex electronic applications. Krytox™ EG 3000 is particularly well suited for use in clean rooms require base oils that have been specially distilled to remove the more volatile, lighter molecules that might evaporate easily.

In addition, the use of special thickeners that do not contain metals, reactive compounds, or large particles is also necessary to meet certain specific clean room standards.

Krytox™ EG 3000 provides greater lubricity and performance for a variety of applications.

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade: 2
Color: White
Base Oil Viscosity cSt @38°C: 500
Vapor Pressure of base oil @38°C: 6 x 10–9
Pour Point °C: -30°C:
Oil Separation at 99°C (210°F): 3%
Grease Density, g/ml @25°C: 1.93
Operating Temperature Range, °C: -29 to 316

Primary Chemistry: PFPE
Features & Benefits
High Molecular Weight Low Vapor Pressure. Good Radiation Resistance Wide Temperature Range Capability Chemically Inert Compatibility with Most Seals & Plastics
Problems Solved
Lubricant Contamination in Sensitive Manufacturing Environments
Highly Conductivity Grease Solutions
Melted Grease Thickener Systems

Krytox™ EG 3000 Grease can be used in a wide variety of lubrication applications where particulate control and high purity are essential.
Electronics Manufacturing, Circuit Boards, Bearings, Valves, Chains, Rollers, O-Rings and More.