Krytox™ CORR 226FG NLGI1

NLGI 1 Grade Grease with NSF H-1 Approval for use in High Temperature Corrugator Bearings (up to 500°F)
Product Overview

Krytox™ CORR 226FG NLGI 1 is recommended for use in high temperature corrugated equipment applications and in manufacture of food packaging materials where an NSF H-1 rated lubricant is required. It has a viscosity of 240 cSt @40 degrees C and NLGI grade 1.

Krytox™ Corrugator greases provide premium lubricating performance & protection even in extreme temperature environments.

Product Specifications

NLGI Grade: 1
ISO Grade of Base Oil: 220
Specific Gravity: 1.95
Anticorrosion Additive: Sodium Nitrite
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D2266): 0.11
Thickener: PTFE
Viscosity , cSt @40C: 240
Viscosity, cSt @100C: 25
Oil Separation, 30 hr at 99C: 3%
Operating Range, oC (oF): -36 to +260 (-33 to 500)

Primary Chemistry: PFPE
Features & Benefits
Exceptional Thermal Stability (Up to 500°F) Inert Chemistry is non-reactive H-1 Approved (NSF) NLGI Grade 1 Grease Significantly Extended Fluid & Equipment Life Reduced Maintenance Cycles Non-Oxidizing Performance Reduce Friction and Protect from Abrasive Wear Excellent Water Washout Resistance Superior Rust & Corrosion Protection Contains Zero VOC Materials Non-Hazardous Nonflammable
Problems Solved
Costly Corrugator Bearing Relubrication and Preventative Maintenance Cycles
Corrugator Grease Thermal Instability or Flammability
Insufficient Food-Safe Approvals (not H-1)
Inefficient Lubricating Performance
Krytox™ CORR 226FG NLGI 1 has been engineered to provide best-in-class performance for high temperature corrugator bearings and corrugator machines.