UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial

UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial is a 25% glutaraldehyde product with outstanding performance and versatility. This product provides broad efficacy, is biodegradable and is also non-carcinogenic, non-persistent and non-bio-accumulative. This product is registered for antimicrobial use.
Product Overview
UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial and UCARCIDE™ 50 Antimicrobial are glutaraldehyde based products that have found widespread use in a variety of preservative applications.

UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial is a broad-spectrum biocide that is easily dissolved in water. Its biocidal activity is due to the ability of glutaraldehyde to react with the primary amines of the microbial cell wall, which prevents normal metabolic functions and result in cell death. UCARCIDE™ antimicrobials are effective in both acidic and basic systems. However, the rate of antimicrobial activity is dependent on several factors, including pH, time, temperature, and concentration.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Transparent, colorless
25% Glutaraldehyde
pH @ 25°C/77°F:
3.1 to 4.5
Solubility in water, 20°C/68°F: Miscible
Boiling point:
Freezing point: -10°C/14°F
Specific gravity @ 20/20°C (68°F):
Vapor pressure @ 20°C/68°F: 0.2 mm Hg
CAS# 111-30-8
Primary Chemistry: Glutaraldehyde
Features & Benefits
Antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, mold, and yeast at low use concentrations
(0.01-0.1% active ingredient).
Excellent compatibility with anionic, non-ionic, and cationic surfactants
Biocidal activity over a broad pH and temperature range
No odor at end-use concentrations
Good chemical compatibility with many other antimicrobials
High salt tolerance
Complete solubility in water
Problems Solved
Handling issues with highly concentrated glutaraldehyde
Preservation gap against fungi and mold
Slow acting biocidal products and preservatives
Biocides' compatibility issues with cleaning products and laundry detergents
General preservative use in water-based industrial, institutional and consumer products
Preservation of concentrates where effective preservation is needed after dilution
Household cleaning products
Laundry detergents
Concrete admixtures