POLYOX™ WSR N750 is a versatile water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer used as a thickener, binder, film former, and emollient in paint, coating, agriculture, personal care, electronic, and adhesive applications.
Product Overview
POLYOX™ WSR N750 is a non-ionic, water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymer with a molecular weight of 300,000. POLYOX™ WSR N750 is a rheology modifier that is used to precisely control the viscosity of water based formulation. POLYOX™ WSR N750 can be cast or extruded into thermoplastic, water-soluble films. These films are useful for seed coatings and seed tapes because they will release from the seed upon contact with water, keeping critical fertilizers and pesticides close and allowing for germination and growth. POLYOX™ WSR N-750 is typically used at 3.0% in paints and coatings to provide the proper body and application properties. When used to thicken a paint or coating POLYOX™ N-750 will reduce splattering and dripping allowing for the coating to remain on the substrate. POLYOX™ N-750 also has good solubility in many organic solvents making it an ideal thickener for water and solvent-based paints and paint removers. POLYOX™ N-750 will impart a soft feel and smooth application when used to thicken hand soaps and shampoos. When used as a resin in lubricant strips for razors POLYOX™ N-750 imparts exceptional lubricity and skin feel. Solutions of POLYOX™ N-750 have a high degree of wet tack. This makes it an ideal resin for wet adhesives used in tail-tie, tissue, and toweling applications. POLYOX™ N-750 is also an efficient binder for battery electrodes as it will form ionically conducting polymer electrolytes with many inorganic salts.
Product Specifications
Viscosity: 600 - 1,200 cP
Silicon dioxide: 0.8 - 3.0 WT%
Particle size thru 10 mesh: 100 Min
Particle size thru 20 mesh: 96-100
Primary Chemistry: Poly(ethylene oxide)
Features & Benefits
High binding efficiency
Low toxicity
Excellent lubricity
Film former
Binds inorganic salts
Problems Solved
Insufficient lubrication of razor strips
Short battery life caused by poor binding of electrodes
Splattering and misting of paints and coatings during application
Seed Coating; Seed Tape; Paints; Coatings; Adhesives; Lubricant Strips; Hand Soap; Shampoo; Batteries; Fluorescent lamps

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