Boron nitride protective coating for iron and steel molds.
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Product Overview
BONDERITE® L-CA 634 (also known as DAG 634) is a finished boron nitride coating that lubricates and protects iron and steel molds in die casting applications. BONDERITE® L-CA 634 provides excellent release, protects molds from heat degradation, and helps with part removal where there are low draft angles. The coating is white and there is minimal coating transfer to the ingot.
Product Specifications
Pigments:  boron nitride
Diluent:  water  
Density:  9.1 lb/gal  
pH:  10.5
Color:   White
Particle Size:  average 3 microns; strays to 8 microns
Flash point: none  
Freeze data: protect from freezing  
VOC:  0.0 g/l
Features & Benefits
Stable at high temperatures up to 3000°F (1649°C)
Provides superior release properties
Non-wetting meaning molten aluminum, copper and magnesium will not adhere to the coating
Protects molds from thermal degradation
Fine particle size 
Problems Solved
BONDERITE® L-CA 634 helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 

Poor mold life
Die soldering from molten metal
Diluted BONDERITE® L-CA 634 should be spray applied, several coats may be required to achieve the desired thickness of 1-3 mils. Typical dilution ratio is 1:3 (BONDERITE® L-CA 634:water), the concentrate should be agitated prior to and during dilution. Molds should be clean and preheated to 149°-204°C (300°-400°F) prior to application. The coating should be air dried for 20 min before use.