Water-based graphite forging lubricant for hot forging steel parts.
Product Overview
BONDERITE® L-FG 4258B forging lubricant is a water-based dispersion of "natural graphite" that lubricates at high temperatures. BONDERITE® L-FG 4258B is suitable for hot forging steel parts with minimal process or quality issues. The lubricant prevents hot metal from sticking to the die and punch, and helps with metal flow.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Black, Free Flowing Liquid
pH: 6.4 – 7.4
Density at 60°F: 9.2 lbs./gal
Pour Point: 45°F
Viscosity at 60°F: 120 cps
Features & Benefits
Excellent Die Protection at High Temperatures
Promotes Metal Flow
High Graphite Solids Content (~39%)
Water Dilutable
Problems Solved
BONDERITE® L-FG 4258B helps provide a solution to the following industry & application problems: 

Cavity Underfill or Inhibited Metal Flow
Excessive Wear on Press or Punch Surface
Die Cavity Build-Up
Poor Quality Finish on Forged Metal 
BONDERITE® L-FG 4258B can be flooded or sprayed, however spraying must be done with care and the proper nozzle size due to the high solids content and high viscosity. BONDERITE® L-FG 4258B can be used on mechanical, hydraulic, and transfer presses.

Starting Dilution: 1:3 to 1:20 (BONDERITE® L-FG 4258B:water)
Operating Bath Temperature: 80°F to 120°F
Use: Hot forge only billet temp > 1800°F