Water-soluble synthetic fluid for use in medium to heavy metal forming applications on multiple substrates.
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Product Overview
Bonderite® L-FM F 1009 Acheson (previously known as Multan F 1009) is a water soluble synthetic fluid for use in medium to heavy duty metal forming operations. The synthetic based chemistry provides a cleaner and easier to use fluid that has a wide concentration range for a variety of applications including; heavy stamping, drawing, progressive dies & deep bending.
Product Specifications
Typical concentration range: 15-100%
Appearance of concentrate: Light amber fluid
Appearance @ 5%: Clear, straw/amber fluid
Viscosity (cP @ RT): 460
pH of dilution @ 5%: 8.6-8.8
Weight (lbs/gal): 9.0
Chlorine: No
Phosphorous: Yes
Sulfur: No
Features & Benefits
Large concentration range for wide process flexibility.
Synthetic chemistry can replace oil containing chemistries for cleaner, easier to use system.
Remaining film is fluid-like in consistency which removes easily in alkaline or acid cleaning systems.
Can be used on steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, copper or brass substrates.
Applied via common methods; including spraying, flooding, roll coating or hand application.
Problems Solved
Single Application Forming Lubricant Solutions
Poor Protective Film Formation & Surface Damage