Non-graphited water based lubricant for effective protection and release of warm forging operations.
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Product Overview
Bonderite® L-FG 1105 ACHESON (previously known as DeltaForge 1105) water based die lubricant formulated to be graphite free and deliver effective lubrication & release when used for hot forging on presses, upsetters & hammers.
Product Specifications
Lubricants : Soluble synthetic
Carrier/diluent : Water
Solids content : 17.0 – 19.0 %
Density : 9.1 lb./gal
Freezing point : -2°C (28°F)
Shelf life : 12 months from date of qualification under original seal
If the Bonderite® L-FG 1105 freezes, allow to completely thaw before proceeding with the described method of use above.
Features & Benefits
Non-graphited, water-based die lubricant.
Good film formation at high temperatures.
Contains water-soluble, organic salts for lubrication.
Stable in concentrate and diluted form.
Wets dies up to 371°C (700°F).
Excellent for hot forging.
Effective release and lubrication at high die temperatures.
Elimination of graphite overspray leads to a cleaner plant environment.
Less plugging of spray nozzles.
Not damaged by freezing.
No separation or settling in concentrate resulting in consistent forging performance.
Problems Solved
Graphite Contamination & Overspray in Workplace
Poor Die Release & Protection
Poor Film Formation & Surface Coverage
For use in hot forging of ferrous metals.
Manual or automated spray application is recommended, however product can be applied via swab.