Water-based graphite dispersion that provides excellent thermal stability and lubricity.
Product Overview
Bonderite® L-FG ADAG C is a water-based colloidal dispersion of ultra fine graphite particles. When used in the proper forging applications, the ADAG C can provide excellent lubricity and release at temperatures as high as 2200°F.
Product Specifications
Lubricant: Micro graphite
Carrier: Water
Solids content: 21.8 – 22.2 %
pH of concentrate: 10.0 – 14.0
Density: 9.3 – 9.4 lbs. / gallon
Specific gravity: 1.12
Viscosity (Brookfield): < 200 cP
Freezing point: 32°F
VOC: 0
Features & Benefits
Excellent dispersion stability resulting in little or no settling in the concentrate.
Ultra-fine graphite and proprietary binder chemistry produces faster substrate wetting. Offers higher dilution ratios.
Excellent lubricity and release.
Good thermal stability.
Continual lubrication in extreme pressure areas
Problems Solved
Incomplete Graphite Dispersion or Clumping
Poor Forging Fluid Thermal Stability
Single Application Lubricant Solutions
Inefficient Surface Wetting & Inferior Protective Film