High-solids & cost-effective water-based graphite lubricant engineered for use on hot & warm forging processes on ferrous metals.
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Product Overview
Bonderite® L-FG F-87 is high-solids, cost effective water based graphite die lubricant that provides excellent lubricity and release, faster wetting, and longer die life for difficult hot forging operations.
Product Specifications
Lubricant: Processed graphite
Carrier: Water
Solids content: 23.0 – 25.0 %
pH of concentrate: 10.0 – 12.0
Density: 9.5 lbs. / gallon
Freezing point: 32 °F
Viscosity (Brookfield): 500-1,500 cP
Features & Benefits
Stable concentrate and dilution with low rates of graphite settlement.
Fine graphite and proprietary binder chemistry
produces faster substrate wetting.
Offers higher dilution ratios and longer die life.
Excellent lubricity and release.
Less billet material needed.
Wets dies up to 371°C (700°F).
Increased die life resulting in lower overall cost per forging.
Problems Solved
Expensive Forging Fluids & Wasted Lubricants
Poor Wetting Performance & Die Coverage
Die Damage & Incomplete Lubrication Film
BONDERITE® L-FG F-87 is formulated for use on difficult press work and highly automated processes including hot, warm and precision forging. BONDERITE® L-FG F-87 wets out quickly to form an effective lubricating and protective film on hot die surfaces.