Coating for electro-less copper plating processes to form a uniform copper film on steel wire and rod.
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Product Overview
BONDERITE® L-FM 1415 (previously known as CUPROBOND 1415) forms a copper coating on steel wire and rod during electro-less copper plating processes. BONDERITE® L-FM 1415 provides lubrication, excellent electrical properties and a decorative coating during drawing and weaving processes.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Dark Blue/Green Powder
Composition: Copper Sulfate
Operation and Control Specifications:
Batch Process
Copper – 9 to 11 points
Free Acid – 10 to 15 points
Temperature – 70°F to 150°F (21°C to 66°C)
Time – 0.5 to 15 minutes
Strand Process
Copper – 15 to 18 points
Free Acid – 15 to 20 points
Temperature – 120°F to 160°F (49°C to 71°C)
Time – 0.5 to 2 seconds
Features & Benefits
High Coating Adhesion & Uniform Coverage
Excellent Lubrication to Aid in Drawing and Weaving Processes
Leaves Behind an Attractive Coating for Decorative and Stitching Wire
Problems Solved
Corrosion and Rust Formation on Metal Wire and Rods
Surface Wear on Wire/Rod during Drawing
Pitting and Workpiece Damage
BONDERITE® L-FM 1415 is a powerful solution for electro-less copper plating processes and supports both Batch and Strand based applications.  The recommended process steps are listed below:

Water Rinse
Acid Pickling
Water Rinse
Treatment with BONDERITE® L-FM 1415 Solution
Water Rinse
Lubricant Application
The recommended bath preparation (per 100 gallons) is listed below:
Batch Process
66° Be H₂SO₄ - 3 to 4.5 gallons (46 to 69 lbs.)
BONDERITE® L-FM 1415 MU – 20 lbs.
BONDERITE™ M-AD 171 – 20 lbs.
Strand Process
66° Be H₂SO₄ - 4.5 to 6 gallons (69 to 92 lbs.)
BONDERITE® L-FM 1415 MU – 33.3 to 40 lbs.
BONDERITE™ M-AD 171 – 0 to 10 lbs. (optional)