Non-toxic & non-flammable water based paste-coating for aluminum permanent mold casting.
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Product Overview
Bonderite® L-CA 193 (previously known as DAG 193) functions as a water based soft-paste insulator to provide a controlled solidification of molten metal and ensure high quality and consistent castings.
Product Specifications
Pigment: Vermiculite and refractories
Carrier: Water
Consistency: Soft paste
Diluent: Water
Solids content: 30%-34%
Density: 10.3–10.7 lb./gal
Shelf life: 24 months from date of qualification under original seal
Features & Benefits
Protects against mold erosion.
Increases mold life & decrease downtime for required maintenance.
Non-toxic, non-flammable & smokeless.
Problems Solved
Inferior or Inconsistent Insulation
Uncontrolled Solidification Rates
Shortened Mold Life & Excessive Downtime
These coatings should be spray applied for a smooth, uniform coating, but brushing may be employed as an alternative. Heat mold surfaces to at least 177°-204°C (350°F-400°F) for quick evaporation of the carrier. Stir the product occasionally during use to prevent settling.