Soft grease containing refractory pigments to provide protection from attacks by molten metals or fluxes.
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Product Overview
Bonderite® L-CA 696 (previously known as Deltacast 696) was engineered for use in aluminum foundries, although can be used with other metals as well. Designed to minimize hazards and errors in application while prolonging life of protected equipment.
Product Specifications
Lubricant: Refractory pigments
Carrier: Selected mineral oils
Diluent: Not recommended
Density: 9.9 lbs/gallon
Consistency: NLGI grade 0
Shelf life: 12 months from date of qualification under original seal
Features & Benefits
Effectively repels molten metal
Long coating life
Simple application method – minimized errors
Simple repair of coatings
Insulating – reduces thermal fatigue
Easily removable without damaging substrate || Designed to reduce hazards
Problems Solved
Molten Metal Attack
Inferior Coating Stability & Life
Difficult to Remove Residue or Film
Incomplete Mold and Casting Release
Damage, Wear and Attack on Ladles
1. Pre-warm ladle to 121°C-177C° (250°F-350°F).
2. Brush BONDERITE® L-CA 696 ACHESON (known as DELTACAST 696) on ladle.
3. Cure/dry coating for 10-24 hours at 246°C (475°F). For instance, leave the ladle near an oven.
4. After proper curing the ladle can be used.